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Dr. Benjamin L. Chudy


Hello, I'm Dr. Benjamin, founder of Team Chudy!


My journey to developing something different in healthcare began at a young age when I first discovered that I had an insatiable passion to encourage, uplift, and teach people about fitness & how to take care of the human body.

This passion led me to study at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. From there I pursued my childhood dream of becoming a certified personal trainer. After training clients for a couple of years, it became evident that personal training would only allow me to reach those who had aesthetic goals such as weight loss, "toning" up, bulk up, etc. At first these goals were satisfying enough. However, as the months turned into years, a restlessness grew within me to accomplish more than just basic aesthetic goals. I desired to reach those that needed more than simply changing their appearance. Those that needed healing, a greater quality of life, and that needed their health changed forever soon became my greatest motivation. 


Once I realized this, a compelling desire to learn chiropractic was placed on my heart. Therefore, I decided to pursue a doctorate degree in chiropractic care at Palmer College of Chiropractic! It was here that I realized I could offer healing to people of any demographic, regardless of physical circumstance or ailment. 

After graduating as a chiropractor, I realized the power of touch and the significance of empowerment in the healing process. Therefore, I  spent a significant amount of time and money learning about movement based treatments outside of schooling. I studied the ones that I felt healed the body most efficiently and resonated with my healing philosophy. That's what led me to become a neurokinetic therapist, mobility specialist, functional aging specialist, certified movement coach, and a sports performance coach! 


It's the combination of chiropractic with these movement based techniques that allow me to treat the body in a very unique but incredibly effective way.  


I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I want nothing more than the opportunity to share that with you!  

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