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Please feel free to share your experience with us! Just send us an email of what you'd like to say and we'll post it for you! 

“Hi Dr. Ben, it's Misty! I hope it's ok that I text you but I couldn't wait until one of us came in again. Since last Friday when you adjusted Jade, she has been exploding with words! She has said, "meow, belly, please, fish, etc". Usually she will get a new word once very few weeks or months, but never like this. We hope they end up sticking, but even just to hear them is something else! Sam and I know that what you have done for her is a huge part of getting her to where she needs to be and we just are so thankful. I am pretty emotional right now to say the least. So just wanted to say that it's more than a job you do for our family. You are giving us part of our lives back! #GodisGood #Thankful”​

Misty R.,  Team member​

"Team Chudy doesn't see you as a number or a way to pay the bills. They treat you like family when you walk through their doors. The take the time to get to know you right off the bat and do everything they can do to help get you back to 100% as quickly as possible. Will NEVER go anywhere else for my chiropractic or massage needs."

Ben L., Team member 


"It's rare that a doctor will take the time to understand all the mechanics of discomfort. Most of the time, it's oh you're lower back hurts, let's pretzel twist you and off you go. Dr. Ben took the time to analyse, come up with a theory, diagnose and provide a treatment you can feel right away.

I play a lot of sports and am involved with a lot of work with the youth, which means being active. If you have bum knee, there goes all the activities and you're suddenly stuck behind a desk.

What convinced me to try him out was a patient's comment about his understanding of sports mechanics. Highly recommended for this alone."

Rex T., Team member

joelle & david_edited.jpg

"You're such a blessing for real! The best chiropractor I've ever been to. I've seen 10 other chiropractors at 5 different locations and you're the best! Actually no I've been to 7 other locations and 13 total chiropractors!"


Joelle D.,  Team member 

"Thank you so much Dr. Ben, it may sound exaggerated but you truly are saving my life. I can finally work and make a living for myself. Truly blessed and VERY grateful. You're making my journey a lot easier and I'll admit it aint easy! Much love.

Jonah Seth Mueller,  Team member


Jesse M.,   Team member

"As a new patient of this clinic, I feel I must share my most positive experience, both with Dr. Ben as well as with massage therapy. After an evaluation and treatment, I quickly felt relief from the problems I presented with. The doctor then conferred with the massage therapist before I experienced the best massage I have ever had. Thank you Dr. Ben! Your skills are exceptional and are greatly appreciated!"

Karen M.,  Team member 


"Dr. Chudy is a compassionate, intelligent, and highly skilled Doctor. As an athlete himself he has a unique ability to relate his knowledge to each and every activity a patient presents with. A great chiropractor!"

Jon C., Team member 

"Guess who just had a successful pain free training session?! It was SO helpful to go over core technique with you, so thank you so much for today's appointment!" 

Carol R., Team member 


Team Chudy is awesome! Working out with Dr. Ben Chudy is great. He works with my limitations and pushes me. He is fun and witty! 

Jan L., Team member 

"Dr. Ben Chudy is a phenomenal chiropractor! He has an extensive knowledge of chiropractic and exercise. He truly cares about helping his patients reach all of their health goals. I would highly recommend."

Jonothan E., Team member 

"Dr. Ben Chudy is an exceptional doctor. Besides being great at adjusting, the best thing about Ben is how much effort he puts into his patients. There's something to be said about a doctor who treats ya as a person with a family, rather than a number or time slot. He listens, cares, and is very thorough. His patients simply get better. He helped me recover from a low back strain and made me a believer in chiropractic."

Neal D., Team member 

"Dr. Benjamin Chudy is a very knowledgeable, personable, passionate, and enthusiastic professional who is deeply committed to treating the individual needs of every single one of his clients. Whether it is your first visit, or your 40th, he will make you feel at ease as he walks you through each adjustment/exercise. You will leave Team Chudy feeling physically improved and empowered with the knowledge you receive about your unique and specific condition. Regardless or your age or circumstance, Team Chudy is the place for you!"


Amanda R., Team member

"I had a grade 1 hamstring strain and Dr. Ben helped me with rehabilitating it in no time. I have had quite a few chiropractors before him, and none really compare to him. They were good, but none really as good as him. Being a college basketball athlete I recommend him not just for when you get an injury but for overall maintenance of your joints/body and all that good stuff. He's very passionate about his work and he will NOT stop until he has helped you with whatever is wrong!" 

Kurt M., Team member



"It's crazy doc, I feel 10 years younger right now! And I can move my neck so freely now! Best adjustment ever, hands down! 
Jay P., Team member 

Nicole K., Team member


Cristi B. & David A., Team members

Sue K .jpg

Sue K., Team Member 

Gina K_edited.jpg

Gina K., Team Member 

Max B., Team Member 

Max B _edited.jpg
max b_edited.jpg
todd st_edited.jpg
todd S _edited.jpg

Todd S., Team Member 

Steve S., Team Member

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